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23.01.2021 Conferentie on Zoom

The evolutionary scale of the levels of human constraint will be the theme for the next 23 January 2021. Auribio Farias and Lucìa Helena Ramos will be the presenters of the telematic appointment dedicated to the themes of professional updating for Rolando Toro System Biodanza operators organised by AIPOB.
The conductors
Lucìa Helena Ramos: Biodanza teacher, psychologist and coordinator of the Museum of Afro-Brazilian Art in Recife and
Auribio Farias: Biodanza teacher and professor of literature,
will lead us to a reflection on the social and cultural changes that have led human beings to disconnect from themselves, the community and nature.
On the one hand, it is necessary to demonstrate the damage done to human relationships due to dissociation and repression, and on the other hand to know the evolutionary scale of human bonds, highlighting the ways that favour the integration of relationships based on the Biodanza methodology conceived by Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda.

The conference will be in Portuguese with an Italian translation and will take place on the Zoom digital platform:
Saturday 23 January 2021
from 17,00 to 19,00


Lucia Helena Ramos and Auribio Farias
Lucia Helena Ramos 
Director of the Rolando Toro Biodance School of PERNAMBUCO - Brazil
Coordinator of the Rolando Toro Museum MUAFRO - Museum Of Afro-Brazilian Art city of Recife BRAZIL
Auribio Farias 
Owner Operator and Teacher of Biodanza
Professor of Literature - State University of Paraiba-Brazil


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Ik ben na vele jaren werkzaam te zijn als Biodanza docent alleen maar enthousiaster geworden, overtuigd van de kostbare parel in ons, die te ontdekken valt. De mogelijkheden die het unieke en visionaire werk van Systeem Biodanza hierin biedt.

Annette Heynderickx